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How Much Does MDMA Cost? (The Street Prices)

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How Much Does MDMA Cost?

MDMA, also known as Molly or ecstasy, is a popular club drug due to its euphoric and stimulating effects. Due to its popularity, U.S. street prices for MDMA range from $20 to $60 per pill. Prices in the United Kingdom vary significantly, from £5 to £35 for a 100 mg pill.

MDMA is illegal to carry in the United States since it is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. It is also highly addictive and may contain other additives, such as cocaine or ketamine. These dangers reflect the actual cost of using MDMA.

Are you or a loved one suffering from substance use disorder? If withdrawal symptoms and cravings cause you to use despite the risks, Zinnia Health can help. We offer medically supervised detox at our fully accredited facilities nationwide. Contact an expert at (855) 430-9439 to learn more.

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How Much Does MDMA Cost on the Street?

The cost of the synthetic drug MDMA varies by location. As an illicit drug, MDMA isn’t regulated, so the price is subject to change at any time. MDMA in powder form is more expensive than tablets, though tablets are more popular.

The average price for MDMA in California is $15 for a 120 mg tablet. In New Jersey, the cost of MDMA is $250 for an undisclosed milligram pill.

MDMA is often sold in clubs, raves, and college campuses. Users at these locations believe they are more likely to benefit from the illicit drug.

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) another name for MDMA on the street is XTC. 

What Factors Can Impact the Price of MDMA?

What drives the price of MDMA is location and availability.

Powder MDMA is not as popular as its tablet counterpart. Because of this, powder MDMA is often more expensive.

Illicit MDMA comes from dealers in Western Europe, where the drug is illegally smuggled into large U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City.

Areas near New York City experience a price hike versus those in the middle states. This directly correlates with the number of users in the area and the population.

When dealers are in short supply of MDMA, they might hike the price to compensate.

How Much Does MDMA Cost in Other Countries?

MDMA, also known as Molly, is a popular drug in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, prices vary without any explanation. A high dose 100 mg pill costs anywhere between 5 pounds to 35 pounds, according to StreetRX.

Molly is a highly addictive street drug that causes long-term health complications. Minimize your risk by enrolling in a drug rehabilitation program. Zinnia Health offers evidence-based programs like 12-step, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and SMART recovery. Call us at (855) 430-9439 to learn more.

What is the Trend for People Searching for MDMA?

The song “Mask Off“ by Future caused a sharp increase in queries for “what is molly“ in 2017. The song’s chorus repeats the names of illicit drugs, including Molly.

Currently, the trend for people searching for Molly (MDMA) includes:

  • “purple molly reddit”
  • “micro dosing MDMA”
  • “MDMA meaning, slang”
  • “MDMA near me”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does MDMA Look Like?

It is virtually impossible to identify Molly. Being that it’s not a regulated drug, it isn’t sold by any particular brand or manufacturer.

Molly tablets could be pink, blue, green, yellow, or any other color. They’re usually pressed into a circular tablet form closely resembling an aspirin. They also contain various markings on the front and back, which could resemble logos from popular clothing brands or emojis. Currently, there are over 600 different logos displayed on MDMA pills.

MDMA powder is white and crystalline, but from a distance, it may resemble cornstarch or baking soda.

What is the Average Street MDMA Quantity?

People use illicit MDMA in tablet form. They either swallow one tablet or follow a trend called “piggybacking, where they simultaneously swallow two or more tablets.

Due to their highly addictive nature and their highly sought-after effects, people usually purchase multiple pills at a time. The milligram amount of this purchase isn’t known, but data on StreetRX suggest 100 mg tablets are the most popular.

What is the Legal Status of MDMA?

Currently, MDMA is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance, the same category that includes fentanyl and LSD. Drugs under this classification have a high risk for addiction. and are considered dangerous. For perspective, crystal meth, crack cocaine and PCP are Schedule II controlled substances. This means MDMA is exceptionally dangerous.

It is illegal to possess MDMA in all 50 states. If you are caught with any quantity of MDMA, you could face jail time.

Why Do People Use Street MDMA?

MDMA is both a hallucinogen and a stimulant. Some students abuse MDMA because it makes them work faster or stay up longer to study.

Others abuse MDMA for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects. Molly, a highly adulterated version of MDMA, is often used by those seeking Illicit sexual encounters. Some people even spike drinks with Molly to victimize an unsuspecting person.

How is Street MDMA Used?

Street MDMA is readily available in tablet form since people prefer to take the drug as a tablet. Others purchase MDMA powder to snort. According to the Department of Justice, it is rarely injected.

Getting Help for MDMA Addiction

The effects of MDMA are felt for three to six hours of taking the drug. However, they can last weeks or even months after discontinuing use.

Some people only find relief when using the drug again or an adulterated version, which contains methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, or epinephrine. Together, this highly addictive combination could be lethal.

Addiction doesn’t happen after just a single dose. People who use MDMA over time develop a tolerance to it, so the effects of subsequent use are less pronounced. This may lead the person to use higher doses, forming a substance use disorder (SUD). Over time, a substance use disorder can become an addiction, the most severe form of a SUD.

If you or someone you know uses illegal drugs to feel better, you may need inpatient addiction treatment. Zinnia Health’s comprehensive treatment programs for substance abuse includes behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and detox. To learn about our fully accredited facilities and our evidence-based treatment options for substance use disorder, call Zinnia Health at (855) 430-9439.

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