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Types of Mental Health Therapies for You

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Zinnia Health facilities around the country provide a variety of therapies for a variety of mental health disorders.

Some example problems when psychotherapy could be used would be:

  • You are having difficulties in coping with daily life
  • You are trying to deal with the impact of trauma
  • Coping with a medical illness
  • Coping with the death of a loved one
  • Specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety

These popular psychotherapies can also be used as part of a persons recovery from a substance use disorder (a.k.a addiction).

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental conditions by verbal communication and interaction.

Source: Oxford Languages

Psycotherapy is also known as talk therapy and can be used alone or in conjunction with others types of mental health treatments like medications.

What Are the Types Of Psychotherapy?

There are different types of psychotherapy available to try help a person overcome or cope with a mental health condition.

Click on the type of psychotherapy below to learn more about each type available:

What Happens During a Psychotherapy Session?

During a psychotherapy session you would typically talk one to one with a medical doctor or a licensed mental health care professional about how you feel and what is troubling you.

They would then use one of the types of psychotherapies to help you to try resolve or cope better with the mental anguish you are experiencing.

Different Types of Psychotherapy Sessions

The most common type of psychotherapy session involves a one to one conversation with the healthcare professional trying to help you. But, there are also types of sessions where other people could be involved.

Here are some examples of the different types of psychotherapy sessions settings that could happen:

  1. Individual Session: These therapy sessions involves only the therapist and the patient. The benefit of this type is for an individual to better understand themselves in a private setting with no feeling of judgment by others.
  2. Group Sessions: These therapy sessions involve two or more patients at the same time speaking with a therapist. The benefit of this type is for patients to be able to share shared experiences similar to what happens in alcoholics anonymous meetings.
  3. Marital/Couples Sessions: These therapy sessions involve both partners in a marriage or relationship being in the room speaking with a therapist. The benefit of this type is for husbands or wives to better understand the patients feelings and how they can help both the patient and themselves to cope better. therapy helps spouses and partners understand why their loved one has a mental disorder, what changes in communication and behaviors can help, and what they can do to cope. This type of therapy can also be used to help a couple that is struggling with aspects of their relationship.
  4. Family Sessions: These therapy sessions involve key family members being in the room with the patient and therapist. The benefit of this type is for parents, or siblings, to better understand the patients feelings and how they can help both the patient and themselves to cope better.

How to Find a Mental Health Facility Near You

Zinnia Health provides mental health services at their various mental health rehab centers in different states around the US.

You can call the helpline 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year on (833) 978-1658 to speak with a caring person on the other end of the phone who will aim to help you find the closet and best mental health center near you.

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