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Pamela Miller


As a seasoned healthcare professional with a Master of Public Health and a background in nursing, Pamela Miller brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to medical writing. With years of hands-on experience as a Registered Nurse in the dynamic landscape of New York City, she has developed a deep understanding of diverse health issues and a passion for promoting public health.

Pamela’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a Master of Public Health (MPH). Her professional journey has taken her from the fast-paced environment of Manhattan's healthcare institutions to her current role as the founder of MoneyWiseRN, an initiative that empowers fellow healthcare professionals with financial literacy. 

Her dedication to health equity and effective communication aligns seamlessly with her pursuit of freelance opportunities in medical writing. Whether crafting articles, regulatory documents, or educational content, she leverages a unique blend of clinical insight, public health knowledge, and financial expertise to contribute meaningfully to diverse projects.