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How Much Does Ketamine Cost? (The Street Prices)

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How Much Does Ketamine Cost?

Have you wondered, how much does ketamine cost? The street prices of ketamine vary widely due to many factors, but it’s usually expensive, considering the effects are short-lived (only 30-60 minutes). On average, you can buy this club drug for about $25 per dose (approximately 100 milligrams).

Gram of Ketamine$60-$100 per gram
Milligram of Ketamine $25 per 100 milligrams
Ounce of Ketamine$900-$1,800.00 per ounce

Are you or someone you know a regular user of illegal ketamine? Have you been researching prices to see how much ketamine costs on the street? If so, you’re at risk of addiction, overdose, side effects, and even death, as many street drugs are laced with deadly substances. Call Zinnia Health today at (855) 430-9439 and get on the road to recovery from ketamine abuse.

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How Much Does Ketamine Cost on the Street?

Ketamine (also called Special K) is a hallucinogenic, psychedelic drug that comes in different forms and is available in multiple measurements. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic because it makes you feel detached from your environment or your chronic pain.

It also causes you to feel relaxed and pain-free, but it may also make you immobile and have no memory. That’s why it’s also known as a date rape drug.

How Much Is a Gram of Ketamine?

Ketamine is typically available by the gram, equivalent to ten doses of 100mg each. It may also be available in smaller or larger quantities and in different forms, including powder and liquid. Healthcare providers administer this FDA-approved drug through ketamine infusions or nasal sprays.

Street dealers most often sell ketamine by the gram in powder or liquid form.  On average, a gram of ketamine will cost anywhere from $6 per gram to $100 per gram.

How Much Is 100mg of Ketamine?

It may be difficult to buy amounts of ketamine smaller than a gram. However, a single dose of ketamine will cost about $25 (100 milligrams).

How Much Is an Ounce of Ketamine?

An ounce of ketamine is equivalent to about 28 grams. All totaled, you’ll pay anywhere from $900 to as much as $1,800.00 per ounce.

How Much Is a Type/Form of Ketamine?

Manufacturers produce Ketamine in two forms. On the streets, it’s available as a powder or liquid. Ketamine can be consumed in several ways, including:

  • Snorted
  • Swallowed
  • Smoked
  • Injected

Powdered Ketamine

Powdered ketamine is usually sold in small plastic bags, glass vials, capsules, paper, and other packaging. It’s a white or off-white powder that can be snorted up the nose, swallowed by mouth, or smoked with other substances like tobacco or marijuana.

Single-dose packages contain 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams of powdered ketamine. Ketamine costs around $25 per 100 milligrams, so you can expect to pay from $60 to $100 per gram of powder.

Liquid Ketamine

Ketamine is also available as a liquid and comes packed in small glass vials of about 10 milliliters. The liquid form is usually mixed with drinks or injected. You can expect to pay about $20 to $140 per vial.

Ketamine is legal and FDA-approved for certain medical purposes, such as anesthesia, sedation, pain relief, and treatment-resistant depression. This type of drug is administered by ketamine infusions. The cost of ketamine infusions runs from $400 to $2000 per infusion. Clearly, you can see why many people may opt to save money by buying ketamine on the street.

You don’t have to go through drug addiction and mental health conditions alone. We have a range of therapy programs and treatment options that can be tailored to your needs. Speak to a substance abuse specialist today by calling Zinnia Health at (855) 430-9439. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Factors Can Affect the Price of Ketamine?

As is the case with most recreational drugs, the street cost of ketamine will vary depending on a number of factors. Here’s what to consider when pricing ketamine:

Local Drug Laws

The greatest factor is the drug laws in the location where ketamine is bought or sold. In regions where recreational drugs tend to be legal or decriminalized, you may find the cost of ketamine lower than in other regions.

How Ketamine Is Obtained

Similar to local laws, you may find lower prices in areas where ketamine is produced. Ketamine purchased outside of the area or online may be more expensive.

Current Availability of Ketamine

A high demand but low supply means heftier prices for almost anything. When ketamine availability is low, you’ll pay much more. If there’s a surplus, you can expect to pay lower prices.

Purity of Ketamine

Lastly, the quality of a drug is often measured by its purity. That’s because many illicit drugs contain additional substances. This could be other illegal drugs that enhance the drugs’ effects or fillers that increase the volume. You’ll pay higher prices for pure products.

What Does Ketamine Cost in Other Countries?

Ketamine is used as a recreational drug around the world. The price of ketamine in other countries varies based on similar factors as in the U.S. Mainly, you’ll pay more for ketamine in countries where it’s not readily available.

Following is the cost of ketamine in several countries:

  • Belgium: 7.50-50.00 EUR per gram
  • Cambodia: 23.00 USD per gram
  • China: 200.00-500.00 CHN per gram
  • Japan: 20,000.00 JPN per gram 
  • Spain: 24,885.00 EUR per kilogram
  • United Kingdom: 3,500.00-5,000.00 GBR per kilogram

What Is the Trend for People Searching for Ketamine?

In recent years, ketamine has become more popular. According to Google search trends, interest in ketamine was only 19 out of 100 in 2004. Interest remained relatively steady until 2012, at which time interest jumped to 48 during the first month of the year as ketamine became more available as a recreational drug.

Interest declined a few months later, but it was up to 73 in 2019, peaking at 100 in 2022. As of July 2023, interest stands at 84.

The top five U.S. regions from which people search for information on ketamine medication by popularity rating:

  1. Utah: 100
  2. Colorado: 76
  3. Arizona: 63
  4. Montana: 63
  5. New Mexico: 63

Addicted to Ketamine? We Can Help

The street price of ketamine depends on many factors. Regardless, ketamine was designed for specific medical purposes in humans and animals. Healthcare providers are limited to using it as an anesthetic, sedative, painkiller, or antidepressant. Although the recreational version has gained popularity, it’s illegal to possess, buy, or sell for any other purposes. 

Are you or someone you know hooked on ketamine and at risk of its harmful side effects? We’re a mental health and drug treatment provider. At Zinnia Health, we have a team of substance use specialists standing by to help. Simply contact us through our website or call our 24-hour helpline at (855) 430-9439.

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