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Why Out-of-State Addiction Treatment Might Be Best

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Most people seeking an addiction recovery program do their research in a very specific, restricted area: within about 10 miles of their home. Sometimes that radius can be expanded to include the entirety of the state, but rarely does one consider the broader horizons that out-of-state treatment can provide. This self-imposed limitation can lead to a variety of issues that block the path to sobriety before you’ve even begun.

It’s okay to be uncertain or even afraid to make the decision to leave home for treatment- but here are 5 reasons that you should.

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Growth Doesn’t Happen When You’re Comfortable

Staying close to home during addiction recovery treatment is a safety net. It allows the option of running away when things get tough to live in the back of your mind, subconsciously standing between you and genuine growth.

Focusing on looking for an out rather than building your future is only hurting yourself. When we enter treatment with the premeditated thought of escape, we don’t allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the experience, gaining the valuable knowledge we need for continued long-term sobriety.

Stepping outside of that safety net can show you that you really don’t need one.

At Zinnia Health, our out-of-state clients are welcomed into our family and treated with the same care we would want for our own loved ones. Our team of medical and mental health professionals and supporting staff are available at any time to help whenever you need it, even if it’s just to sit and talk for awhile.

Zinnia Health prides itself on providing a comfortable, nurturing environment, allowing you to turn your attention inward to healing and self-improvement. Through our help and guidance, you can return home proud to show your loved ones how far you’ve come.

Out-Of-State Treatment Could Provide Better Options

While the entire country has felt the effects of the substance abuse epidemic, some areas have been more heavily impacted than others. Rural areas struggle to combat the surge in drug and alcohol abuse due to lack of resources; more populated areas face a higher demand than they can meet.

Expanding your horizons beyond your state limits opens up your options for treatment. Facilities in different states may offer better treatment programs, higher quality of care, and other amenities and benefits to enhance your journey. Out-of-state treatment increases your odds of finding a treatment facility that accepts your insurance and meets your individual needs.

Removing Temptation Lowers The Odds Of Relapse

Treatment close to home also means being close to your old stomping grounds: you know exactly where to go to get the very thing you’re attempting to overcome. That familiarity can make the temptation to fall back on old habits too great to withstand, leading to a dangerous relapse in behavior.

Electing to find out-of-state addiction treatment helps eliminate that risk by removing that direct temptation.

Being away from your home town also provides distance between you and other toxic influences on your life. Being able to evaluate family and friend relationships from the outside and with a clear mind helps you recognize the positive and negative impacts on your journey.

Abusive partners, unsupportive family members, and enabling friends all stand in the way of your new, addiction-free life. Being away from these influencers allows you to focus on yourself, healing and self-discovery instead.

By focusing on building a foundation of personal accountability and dedication to a sober lifestyle, seeking out-of-state can make all the difference in safeguarding your success.

Toxic Living Environments Beget Substance Abuse

If your current living environment promotes substance abuse, remaining in that space will stunt your growth and progress in recovery. Toxic, abusive relationships, tension at home, loneliness, and many other factors can create a home environment that is not conducive to sober living.

Physically removing yourself from a home that suppresses your spirit and hinders your prosperity in recovery is like lifting a weight off of your shoulders.

Distancing yourself from those oppressive energies allows the journey of recovery to truly begin.

Unhealthy living environments include enabling of all forms. While the intent may be good, loved ones who enable our addictive lifestyles only end up prolonging undue suffering and strife. That’s why learning to accountable and responsible for ourselves through out-of-state treatment is so important to your new life.

Upon completing treatment at an out-of-state facility opens endless opportunities regarding your future. Once you’ve escaped the comfort zone, your next steps can take you anywhere! Staying in a recovery mindset and committing yourself to the journey can carry you as far as you can dream.

Achieving sobriety only proves that you can achieve anything- even when it seems impossible. Your only limit is how far you’re willing to reach.

New Experiences Broaden Your Worldview

Out-of-state treatment allows you the opportunity to meet new people and experience new things you simply would not at home. Learning to embrace and respect our differences is a valuable lesson gained through recovery; it helps facilitate empathy, hone communication skills, and mold you into a more well-rounded person.

Without the distractions and familiarity of your comfort zone, out-of-state treatment offers the chance to truly get to know yourself, explore new interests, and develop into the person you were always destined to be. This new start acts as a blank canvas where you can change in ways you never thought could be your reality.

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