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Washington Rehab Centers for Drugs & Alcohol

You can find rehabs for drugs and alcohol in Washington and throughout the greater Pacific Northwest — one of the most beautiful places in the United States. You’ll find several rehab and detox centers, 12-step programs, support groups in densely populated cities, and other treatments in rural areas conducive to healing with the surrounding nature.

Washington is aptly nicknamed the Evergreen State for its lush, pine forests that cover a great amount of land throughout the region. The Selkirk Mountains, located in the northeastern corner of the state and into Canada, are entirely covered in pine trees, and in the northwest corner, you’ll find the only rainforest outside of South America.

All of this natural beauty is somewhat overshadowed by the prevalence of substance abuse. Addicted individuals, especially in far-removed rural areas, often think there’s no hope of ever overcoming their substance abuse — but help is available and just a phone call away.

Zinnia Health provides uniquely tailored drug and alcohol treatment services to Washingtonians. We work with most insurance providers, and our compassionate treatment specialists are available day or night on our 24-hour helpline at (855) 430-9439. Let us help you take the first step on your journey toward healing today.

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How Many Rehab Centers are Available in Washington?

There are currently 349 registered substance use disorder treatment facilities in the state of Washington according to Hopefully, there’s an addiction treatment center located near your county or city.

Where in Washington Are Rehab Treatment Centers Located?

Washington rehab treatment centers are located throughout the state but tend to be most densely available on the western side of the state and in more populated counties and cities, but there are some rurally located substance use treatment and detox centers.

Washington’s top three most populated counties are:

  • King County: With a population of 2,371,204 residents, many of the state’s treatment centers are located here in cities like Seattle.
  • Pierce County: 958,900 people call Pierce County home in cities like Tacoma, where you can find many substance abuse treatment facilities.
  • Snohomish County: Located in the northwest corner of the state and home to three federally recognized tribes including the Tulalip Tribe, 862,343 people live in this mostly rural region. Substance use rehab centers are available.

At Zinnia Health, our compassionate substance abuse treatment professionals are standing by to assist those looking for a treatment or rehab center in Washington. If you need more information about one of the locations above or to help you locate the treatment center closest to you, contact us online or call us at (855) 430-9439.

How to Choose the Best Rehab in Washington for You

The impacts of substance use, abuse, and addiction are many. Immediate family, close friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances can be affected by an individual’s addiction.

When looking for help, you might not know where to begin, what type of treatment you or your loved one needs, or the best rehab center in Washington that can provide that treatment.

Factors to Consider

The most important things to look for when choosing a substance abuse treatment facility include:

The right treatment depends on a variety of factors — most importantly, the intensity of the addiction. One person might only need outpatient services a few days each week, while another individual would benefit more from an inpatient or residential treatment program.

Zinnia Health in California

If you or someone close to you is struggling to overcome the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse, don’t despair — you’re not alone, and a life of sobriety is closer than you think. At Zinnia Health’s two West Coast locations, individuals enjoy a holistic treatment plan uniquely tailored to their individual needs.

The best Washington rehab center for you hinges on the type of care you need. While we don’t offer a treatment facility in Washington state, Zinnia Health has two substance use treatment centers in sunny California on the West Coast:

Not all individuals require a substance abuse treatment process that includes medical detox followed by inpatient residential services, but sometimes this approach is the greatest determining factor in a person’s immediate recovery and long-term journey.

An inpatient program eliminates access to illicit substances and immediately places the client in a wholesome, controlled environment in which outside temptations aren’t present. The person can then learn sober living skills and the coping skills needed once they return to their own home.

Plus, some of the best residential treatment facilities offer special programs — offerings that may spark your curiosity or that you were once involved in and lost sight of due to addiction. Our California treatment centers offer:

These residential treatment facilities offer a variety of care levels and treatment programs for residents of Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and other surrounding states.

Our programs at our California facilities include:

At Zinnia Health, our clients benefit from:

  • Accredited staff and facility: Our accredited facility and licensed, certified, compassionate staff with experience treating a wide range of diagnoses, from substance abuse to co-occurring disorders.
  • All levels of care: Multiple care levels for all stages of recovery from medically supervised and medication-assisted detox programs to inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services.
  • Holistic, tailored treatment: Uniquely tailored treatment plans that focus on the whole person, from substance use prevention to nutrition, mental health care, arts and music activities, stress management and mindfulness practices, and even weekend group outings.
  • Family recovery programs: A family recovery program that helps not only the addict during their recovery stages, but also allows family members to express how the addiction has impacted them, and teaches all family members how to improve their coping skills along with the addicted individual to heal everyone individually as well as the family unit itself (residential housing isn’t provided for family members, but check with your insurance company or contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to look into family resources and support services).
  • Evidence-based treatments: Effective services and programs backed by years of scientific research and proven by post-treatment success in recovery.
  • Solid foundations with insurance carriers: Our relationships with insurance providers can help lower the cost of rehab treatment and, in some cases, may even result in no out-of-pocket costs (aside from the cost of transportation from your home to Zinnia Health’s California locations and back home once you’ve completed your residential treatment plan).

Does Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Washington?

It’s common to worry how much detox and treatment costs, or how far you’ll have to travel for rehab, and it can be confusing trying to figure out if your insurance plan covers substance use detox and treatment.

Typically, healthcare insurance covers drug and alcohol rehab in Washington state. How much your insurance covers depends on your specific insurance company, your individual policy, and other factors. 

  • Washington Apple Health (Medicaid): In Washington, Medicaid covers various levels of care for substance use disorders, including detoxification services and outpatient counseling.
  • Private insurance plans: Private insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare often offer coverage for addiction treatments. The extent of coverage depends on individual policies.

Before entering a rehab program, check with your insurance provider first so you can know how much your out-of-pocket costs might be.

If you’re unsure about your insurance options or need assistance finding a suitable rehab facility in Idaho that accepts your insurance plan, call Zinnia Health at (855) 430-9439. Our team can help you explore treatment options, including faith-based rehab, medical detox, and addiction treatment. We also offer treatment admissions and relapse prevention services to help you or your loved one overcome alcohol addiction. Contact us today to learn more.

Do All Rehab Centers in Washington Treat Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

Washington State has experienced a significant uptick in overdose deaths in recent years, many of which were due to the nation’s current opioid epidemic.

The most common types of substance abuse treatment facilities are:

  • Inpatient treatment: These facilities provide round-the-clock care and support for individuals with severe addiction issues. They typically offer detoxification services, therapy sessions, and medical supervision throughout the recovery process.
  • Outpatient treatment: With outpatient treatment, individuals can continue their journey while residing in the comforts of home. These programs become the bridge between independence and support, offering a flexible approach for those with milder addictions or those who have completed an inpatient program. 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Dual diagnosis centers address co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction treatment. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, other mental health concerns, and substance abuse, consider seeking a dual diagnosis facility.

While all alcohol and drug rehabs focus on helping adolescents and adults with addiction, not all of them include treatment options for alcohol and drug addiction.

These include:

  • Free state-funded rehab centers
  • Free non-profit rehab centers
  • Free religious-affiliated rehab centers

Free rehab programs and recovery centers that don’t require health insurance coverage or payment typically don’t have the funds or space to support medical detox and medication-assisted therapy (MAT).

How to Find a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Help Near You

Zinnia Health offers West Coast detox and substance use rehab with a wide range of treatment options. Whether you have a drug addiction, are suffering from alcoholism or alcohol use disorder (AUD), we can help. Speak with one of our compassionate substance use disorder (SUD) specialists to determine which program suits you best.

Call us anytime, day or night, at (855)430-9439. If you can’t make the trip to our California locations, we can still help connect you to the best drug abuse treatment center near you.

Free substance abuse resources in Washington state include:

Traditional support groups include 12-step programs and other forms of assistance, such as:

What is the Typical Cost of Rehab in Washington?

The costs of beginning a journey of sobriety shouldn’t be a determining factor in whether you receive the inpatient or outpatient treatment you need to heal from addiction. In fact, in Washington state, you may qualify for a substance abuse recovery grant or other payment assistance options if you cannot pay for treatment or lack insurance coverage.

Here’s a typical breakdown of the costs of substance abuse treatment:

  • Detox costs: Some individuals may be recommended for detox prior to beginning an actual treatment program. The typical cost of detox can run from $600 to $1,000 per day, with an average detox time of five days.
  • Inpatient rehab costs: After detox, if the individual transitions into an inpatient program, costs for a 30-day inpatient treatment program can range from $14,000 to almost $30,000.
  • Outpatient treatment costs: If, after detox, the person transitions into an outpatient program, these sessions, depending on where the individual receives treatment, can be free of charge or as much as $500 for each visit.

The costs of medication aren’t factored into the above costs for care.

However, substance abuse treatment costs at rehabilitation centers can vary greatly depending on the unique needs of the individual, if the rehab facilities are public or private, as well as factors such as:

  • What types of treatments their insurance company covers
  • If their insurance is a state-run insurance, such as Medicaid or Medicare
  • Whether insurance covers only in-network providers or both in- and out-of-network providers
  • What type of treatment the individual needs
  • Whether treatment requires inpatient/residential rehab, or if it’s an outpatient program
  • If treatment is residential, the length of stay
  • How an individual without insurance will pay for treatment (i.e., cash, check, credit card, etc.)


What is the Rehab Hotline to Call for Washington?

Please call the Washington rehab hotline for substance abuse treatment and rehab resources in Washington at (855) 430-9439.

Can You Detox in Washington?

Yes, many rehab centers in Washington offer detox services as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Detox helps individuals safely manage withdrawal symptoms as the first step toward treatment and a life of sobriety.

Is Detox the Same as Rehab?

No, detox alone is not enough for a full rehabilitation. Although detox helps rid the body of substances and eases withdrawal symptoms, it is simply the first step. A rehab program offers treatment and assistance to get to the root causes of addiction.

How Long Does a Typical Stay at a Detox Center in Washington Last?

The duration of detox is highly unique to each individual’s needs and the severity of their addiction. However, most stays in detox treatment services are between three and five days.

Are There Emergency Detox Centers in Washington?

There are specialized facilities that offer emergency care for individuals who are going through severe withdrawal symptoms or medical complications due to substance abuse. These facilities provide immediate attention to patients during crucial points of their recovery process.

Are There Any Free Detox Centers in Washington?

Free detox centers exist in Washington and have certain criteria that clients must meet.

You can learn more about emergency detox centers, free detox centers, and substance abuse treatment programs for Washingtonians by calling Zinnia Health’s helpline at (855) 430-9439.

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