Rehabs in South Dakota for Drugs & Alcohol

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills region of South Dakota

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South Dakota Rehab Centers for Drugs & Alcohol

South Dakota was named after the Dakota Sioux Native American tribe, which still dominates the area. Also known as “The Mount Rushmore State,” South Dakota is famous for the Badlands geologic formations and the Black Hills mountain range where Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse stand. 

What may not be widely known is South Dakota has the least amount of overdose deaths — only 105 deaths reported in 2021 — compared to 10,901 in California, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Still, South Dakota has quite a number of rehab centers for drugs and alcohol to help the few who may have a substance use disorder (SUD).

Are you or a loved one trying to overcome alcohol or drug use? We can help! Zinnia Health offers customized evidence-based treatment programs designed to help you lead a sober life. We’re open 24/7, so contact us today to learn how to get on the road to recovery.  

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How Many Rehab Centers are Available in South Dakota?

There are currently 46 registered substance use disorder facilities in the state of South Dakota, according to Hopefully, there’s an addiction treatment center near your county or city.

Where in South Dakota Are Rehab Treatment Centers Located? 

South Dakota has 56 counties and is surrounded by six neighboring states, including North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. According to the US Census Bureau, South Dakota has an estimated population of 909,824 as of 2022, a 2.6% increase from the 2020 census count (886,667).

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported nearly 8% of the population had a substance use disorder in the past year. Sadly, only 2,864 people sought treatment. However, many rehab facilities are located throughout the top counties and populous cities in South Dakota, including:

  • Sioux Falls: Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and is known for its Falls Park waterfalls. The city offers more than a dozen treatment centers for residents who need help overcoming addiction.
  • Rapid City: This second-largest location, known as the “The City of Presidents,” is the gateway to Mt. Rushmore. The area has a number of rehab facilities for drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Aberdeen: Aberdeen is the third largest city with a couple of centers for substance use disorder.

South Dakota is “Indian Country” because of the different tribes (often called “Sioux”) that live on nine Native American reservations. Pine Ridge Reservation is the state’s largest reservation, spanning all of Oglala Lakota County and parts of Jackson County and Bennett County.

Reservations cover more than 12% of South Dakota, and Native Americans make up almost 9% of the state’s population. In 2019, non-Hispanic American Indians or Alaska Natives had a higher drug overdose death rate than any other racial or ethnic group (30 per 100,000). In 2020, 17.7 per 100,000 overdose deaths were due to opioids, which is above the national average.

How to Choose the Best Rehab in South Dakota for You?

When you require quality care for addiction, choosing the best treatment facility is vital. Not all rehab facilities may be suited to your needs, so consider asking specific questions when inquiring about treatment services.

Questions To Ask Treatment Providers

  • Are you accredited?
  • Does your care team carry the proper credentials?
  • What different treatment programs do you provide?
  • Do you use evidence-based therapy methods?
  • Are there special programs like art therapy, music therapy, yoga, etc.?
  • Do you accept my private health insurance plan?
  • Will I receive support after completing a treatment program?  

Best Rehab in South Dakota

Zinnia Health has facilities located throughout the US. While we don’t have a drug rehab center in South Dakota, you can find four of our locations in the nearby state of Colorado. Our Zinnia Health Denver locations are about a 6-hour drive from Rapid City and no more than a 10-hour drive from Sioux Falls. We’re also located about 30 minutes from the Denver International Airport.

Zinnia Health Denver Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center – Our Denver locations offer detox, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and residential treatment plans, along with sober living homes and aftercare support. We have a team of addiction specialists to assist with various substance abuse disorders, including:

  • Prescription medication abuse
  • Opioid addiction
  • Illicit drug addiction
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions

You can choose the location that best fits your needs in Denver, Broomfield, or Lakewood:

  1. Zinnia Health – 295 Interlocken Blvd., Suite 400, Broomfield, CO 80021
  2. Zinnia Health – 4411 E. Kentucky Ave., Denver, CO 80246
  3. Zinnia Health – 2300 S. Balsam Ln., Lakewood, CO 80227
  4. Zinnia Health – 2305 S. Fenton Dr., Lakewood, CO 80227

Specialty therapies offered at these facilities include:

Consider attending one of our rehab centers near the beautiful mountaintop views that gave Denver its nickname: “Mile High City.” You’ll enjoy a home-like environment with gender-specific housing.

Our Colorado locations have accreditation by The Joint Commission and the Colorado Association of Recovery Residences (CARR). Give us a call at (855) 430-9439 to learn more.

Does Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab in South Dakota?

Your insurance company may pay for some or all of your therapies. However, coverage usually depends on your policy, rehab center, and treatments needed.

There are many payment options for getting help with the costs associated with alcohol and drug addiction treatment. In addition to health insurance, you may find financial assistance in other ways, such as:

  • Sliding scale fees (based on income)
  • 3rd party providers
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Grants
  • State and federal funding

If you need help affording substance abuse treatment, contact your health insurance to find out what is covered. Then you’ll need to seek a rehab center that accepts your insurance plan. Keep in mind that some policies pay more for in-network providers than out-of-network providers.

Do All Rehab Centers in South Dakota Treat Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

The type of treatments offered by South Dakota rehabs will vary. Chances are that most of them will provide programs for both alcohol and drug use.

Based on a 2019 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report, adults in South Dakota are more likely to use alcohol than illegal drugs; youth use alcohol and drugs about the same. Of those who sought treatment, most were treated for both drug abuse and alcohol addiction:

  • 19.1% received treatment for a drug problem only
  • 19.8% received treatment for an alcohol problem only
  • 61.0% received treatment for both drug and alcohol problems.

While your rehab center of choice may offer alcohol and drug addiction treatment, you should contact them to confirm their program offerings. Also, be sure they’re a good fit based on the other criteria, especially if you’re looking for specialized services, like holistic treatment.

The prevalence of substance abuse in South Dakota is alarming. Fortunately, addiction is a treatable disease. Are you looking for a drug and rehab treatment center? Let Zinnia Health help you find the best one near to you. Contact us at (855) 430-9439 anytime — we’re available 24/7. 

How to Find a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Help Near You 

South Dakota residents face many obstacles to seeking treatment for their drug and alcohol problems. The state is primarily rural, and reservations are isolated, making access to needed health care more challenging. According to a South Dakota Health Survey, 98.9% don’t even think they need substance abuse or mental health treatment.

The following free resources will help you find the best treatment options for you in South Dakota:

  • Zinnia Health: Our addiction specialists are standing by 24/7 to help you with your substance abuse questions and guide you through recovery. Call (855) 430-9439 for compassionate assistance by those who understand your struggle.
  • South Dakota Department of Social Services: The Social Service department offers guidance on getting help for substance abuse and mental health issues. You can reach out to them at 855) 878-6057 to obtain resources and information about rehab centers near you.
  • 211 Helpline Center: South Dakota residents in crisis can call 2-1-1. This certified suicide hotline can be used for support, referrals, and information for people experiencing any type of crisis, including addiction, mental health problems, financial support, etc.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in South Dakota
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in South Dakota
  • South Dakota Department of Social Services Behavioral Health Services

What is the Typical Cost of Rehab in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, therapy can range from several hundred dollars per day for detox to several thousand for outpatient program care. Inpatient and residential services can average as much as $55,000.

Your expected costs for rehab will depend on the following factors:

  • Type of facility. Rehab centers offer different services that may affect the price you’ll pay. For example, inpatient therapy costs more than outpatient treatment because it requires additional expenses for housing, food, etc.
  • Rehab center location. Some rehab centers are in more expensive areas, such as on the beach or mountains. Also, facilities in major cities tend to cost more than those in smaller towns.
  • Treatment options. There are many treatment options you may or may not need, such as medical detox, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient program (IOP), etc.
  • Program length: The amount of time you need to spend in a rehab program is a significant factor in your pay. Depending on your needs, you may need to stay in a program anywhere from 30-90 days or longer.
  • Amenities: Some rehab centers are basic, and others are like luxury resorts. You may have to pay extra for places that have various amenities like yoga rooms, massage therapy, fitness centers, swimming pools, nutrition counseling services, and others.

One of the barriers to seeking treatment for substance use disorder involves cost. It can be costly, especially if you need long-term residential care. Choosing a rehab center carefully is essential, considering the varying prices and health insurance coverage.


What is the Rehab Hotline to Call for South Dakota?

If you need immediate assistance for a drug or alcohol problem, you can call Zinnia Health’s 24/8 rehab hotline at (855) 430-9439. An addiction counselor can answer any questions and guide you through the admission process.

Can You Detox in South Dakota?

Yes, many of the rehab centers in South Dakota offer medical detox, including Zinnia Health Denver locations. Because withdrawal symptoms can be difficult and harmful, you must detox under medical care and constant supervision. That way, you’ll be less likely to go back to taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Is Detox the Same as Rehab?

No, while often used interchangeably, detox and rehab are two different stages in the recovery process. Detoxification is the first step once you’ve undergone an intervention and been admitted into a treatment facility. Only after your body is rid of all traces of drugs or alcohol will you begin rehab.

  1. Intervention
  2. Admissions
  3. Detox
  4. Rehab
  5. Recovery

Not everyone needs detox, which involves medications to help you get through the physical, mental, and emotional effects of withdrawal. Those who do must undergo detox under medical supervision because some addictions can have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, namely alcohol addiction and opiate abuse.

Rehab, on the other hand, involves the intensive therapy you go through to help you live a sober life.

How Long Does a Typical Stay at a Detox Center in South Dakota Last?

Detox varies from person to person and depends on the necessity for medications. In South Dakota, you can expect to stay in a detox center for as few as three days up to 10 days. According to past research studies, the average stay is 7.7 days.

Are There Emergency Detox Centers in South Dakota?

Some rehabs may be able to take you in on an emergency-type basis if you need to get into a program or detox as soon as possible. You must call in advance to make treatment arrangements and ensure they have the space to accommodate you. As always, if you or a loved one is having a medical emergency, suffering an overdose, or going through a mental crisis, it’s crucial to call 9-1-1 right away.

Are There Any Free Detox Centers in South Dakota?

Probably not. Finding a free detox center in South Dakota will be difficult because the process requires around-the-clock supervised medical care and frequent medications to help with withdrawal symptoms. Rehab centers that offer free and low-cost treatment usually don’t have the funds to support detox services.

Overcoming alcohol and drug dependence is a challenge, but there’s plenty of help to get you on the road to recovery. At Zinnia Health, we know all too well how hard it is to stop drinking or taking drugs. That’s why we offer individualized treatment plans and relapse prevention designed for you to succeed at sobriety. Take the first step to get your life back on track by contacting us online or by phone at (855) 430-9439.

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