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How Much Does Oxycodone Cost? (The Street Prices)

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How Much Does Oxycodone Cost?

Oxycodone is the generic form of brand-name painkillers like OxyContin and Percocet. It is one of the most widely abused prescription drugs due to its powerful opioid effects. Prescription costs can be high, but street prices can be even higher. Since it’s very addictive, dealers know they can charge more.  

Gram$280 on average
10-milligram pill$12 each on average

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How Much Does Oxycodone Cost on the Street?

Oxycodone is often priced at or above $1/milligram, e.g. $5 for 5 mg oxycodone and $10 for 10 mg of oxycodone.

How is Oxycodone Abused?

Oxycodone is sold in pill form. Like other prescription opioids, the pills are intended to be swallowed whole, but you can achieve immediate release by crushing them up and either snorting the powder or dissolving it in liquid and injecting it. 

Since most oxycodone products are intended to be extended-release, they contain a higher dose, and crushing them up allows a person to get the whole dose at once. However, you’ll never see oxycodone sold as a powder on the street. If someone tells you that a powder is crushed up oxycodone, they are lying to you and may be trying to pass off a cut or cheaper substance as oxy. 

How Much Is a Gram of Oxycodone?

The DEA found in 2008 that a gram of oxycodone averaged $1,115. Adjusted for inflation, this brings the cost to $1,584 per gram. A gram contains 1,000 milligrams, and most tablets range from 10 to 80 milligrams. 

How Much Is a Kilogram of Oxycodone?

Based on the per-gram price, a kilogram of oxycodone could be worth over $1.5 million. A kilogram contains 1,000 grams. Given the average amount people take, a kilogram of oxycodone could contain as many as 100,000 doses of the drug at an average price of $16 per dose. 

How Much Is an Oxycodone Pill?

Most people purchase oxycodone in pill form, and you can buy either one pill individually or a pouch of pills. The price you pay will vary depending on where you live. Users on StreetRX share the following: 

  • Users report a 10-milligram generic oxycodone tablet costing as little as $1 in Missouri to as much as $28 in North Carolina
  • Users report a 10-milligram OxyContin brand-name pill costing as little as $7.50 in New Jersey to as much as $10 in Texas
  • Users report a 10-milligram Percocet brand-name pill costing as little as $5 in Connecticut to as much as $20 in California 

Is Oxycodone Expensive?

Oxycodone is one of the more expensive street drugs, and the demand for it has increased in recent years. As opioid abuse has increased, prescription medications like oxycodone and its brand names have begun to gain street value — not only because they are highly addictive but because the DEA and local law enforcement agencies are cracking down on illicit drugs.

At the federal level, oxycodone is a Schedule II narcotic, meaning the government recognizes that it has medical applications but notes that it has a high potential for misuse and addiction. 

The cost of addiction goes well beyond money. If you’d like more information on addiction treatment and resources in your area, call Zinnia Health. Get in touch with our helpline at (855) 430-9439

What Factors Can Affect the Price of Oxycodone?

Increased control and monitoring of synthetic opioids like oxycodone has driven up prices as drug diversion and transportation have become more difficult. However, there are also other factors that could contribute to a high price in your area.  


Brand names tend to have a higher street value than generic forms of oxycodone, mostly because people assume that brand names are more pure or somehow safer to take. If you’re buying a brand-name drug on the street, be weary, as some dealers will sell counterfeits just to mark up the price.

Formulations can also impact absorption and side effects. For instance, extended-release (ER) oxycodone tablets generally contain a higher dose and a buffer, meaning the dose will be absorbed by your body over a longer time period if you swallow the pill whole.

By crushing up an ER tablet, you may experience a stronger high. This means ER tablets are typically worth more.

Purity and Additives 

Oxycodone tablets can be counterfeit or contain additives that impact purity. Sometimes, these additives are extremely dangerous. The DEA found that many street drugs are now being laced with fentanyl to add cheap bulk and increase the addictive qualities of the drugs they sell.

However, as many as six in 10 of these pills can contain a lethal dose of fentanyl — and it’s impossible to detect without a drug testing kit.

Unless get oxycodone directly from a pharmacy, you cannot be certain that it is completely pure and hasn’t been cut with another substance. Due to the number of overdose deaths in recent years, many cities now offer free fentanyl test strips and other resources to keep you safe as part of a local harm reduction strategy

What Does Oxycodone Cost in Other Countries?

Oxycodone is a controlled substance in most places, including the UK, Canada, and Australia. Those with a prescription may be able to get oxycodone for free with a prescription through government-operated healthcare programs.

The street prices of oxycodone vary depending on demand, but substance abuse is a universal problem that spans borders. 

Search trends for oxycodone show that interest was steadily increasing between the years of 2004 and 2011. It remained at an all-time high for over five years before the searches began to slightly decline in 2017. Meanwhile, searches around addiction treatment and substance use disorders are on the rise.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Many people don’t know about their treatment options when it comes to quitting a drug like oxycodone. Others may not be aware that substance abuse treatment can take on many forms, including outpatient programs or medication-assisted treatment. If you have questions about addiction, the best place to get answers is a trusted healthcare provider. 

Drug abuse can feel impossible to overcome on your own. If you need more information, call Zinnia Health for confidential guidance from our caring team. Get in touch by dialing (855) 430-9439.

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