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Marijuana: Street Names, Slang, Nicknames + Emoji

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Marijuana: Street Names, Slang, Nicknames + Emoji 

Marijuana (“weed” or “pot”) is the most commonly used federally illegal drug, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Due to its popularity, and now that marijuana has become legal in many states, the nicknames abound. If you’re worried about a child, teen, or young adult using marijuana, it’s crucial to be clued in on what marijuana is called nowadays.

Although many street names may be old school, the youth of today have come up with their own code words and symbols. Learn how to identify the most common terms used for marijuana, including emojis we use every day on smartphones and social media.

Marijuana has increased in use, including legal medical marijuana. While some states have approved it for certain uses, marijuana use still comes with some risks. If you or a loved one has a drug problem, we can help. Call Zinnia Health at (855) 430-9439 today and learn about our marijuana use disorder treatment programs. 

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Are There Emojis for Marijuana? 

Emojis have become popular thanks to smartphones and social media. Many marijuana users talk secretly about their use through these commonly used everyday symbols.

  • 😳🔥 Blazed Bong
  • 😶🍳 Cooked
  • 🍀 Four Leaf Clover
  • 🌿 Herb
  • 😌💨 High
  • 🚬 Joint
  • 🪴 Potted Plant
  • 😳🍃 Stoned

What Are the Slang Words and Street Names for Marijuana?  

It can be a challenge to keep up with the many names people use for marijuana or cannabis. The United State Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported the following street names for marijuana:

  • Aunt Mary
  • BC Bud
  • Blunt
  • Boom
  • Cheeba
  • Chronic
  • Doobie
  • Dope
  • Gangster
  • Ganja
  • Grass
  • Hash
  • Herb
  • Hydro
  • Indo
  • Joint
  • Kif
  • Mary Jane
  • Mota
  • Pot
  • Reefer
  • Sinsemilla
  • Skunk
  • Smoke
  • Weed
  • Yerba

Slang Names for the Cannabis Plant

  • Alfalfa 
  • Asparagus 
  • Bud 
  • Christmas tree 
  • Grass 
  • Green 
  • Herb 

Slang Names for the Shape of Marijuana

  • Alligator cigarette (lack of speed)
  • Bag of bones (multiple marijuana cigarettes)
  • Blunt (cigar wrapper brand Phillies Blunt)
  • Stogie (over-sized marijuana cigarette)

Slang Names for the Quality of Marijuana

  • Cabbage (poor quality)
  • Catnip (fake marijuana)
  • Chronic (strong effects)
  • Dank (best quality)
  • Nixon (poor quality sold as high quality)

Slang Names for Marijuana’s Effect on the Body

  • Airplane (high)
  • Amnesia (forgetful)
  • Climb (high or climbing the walls)
  • Doobie (a dull, stupid person; also a marijuana cigarette) 
  • Good giggles (makes you laugh) 
  • Houdini (escapes reality)
  • Reefer (likely from the Spanish “grifo” for tangled, frizzy hair and a similar mental state)
  • Spliff (“confusion”) 

Slang Names Based on People’s Affection for Marijuana

  • Ace (superior)
  • Baby (term of affection)
  • Green goddess (color and experience) 

Slang Names Based on Languages

  • Aunt Mary (British for marijuana)
  • Da kine (Hawaiian surf term for “forgetting precise name”)
  • Dona Juanita (Spanish for “Lady Jane”)
  • Ganja (Hindi word for the hemp plant)
  • Muggle (marijuana smoker)
  • Pot (from the Mexican-Spanish word potiguaya for marijuana leaves)
  • Rainy day woman (from a Bob Dylan song)
  • Thirteen (the first letter of marijuana is the 13th letter in the alphabet)

There are more than 200 different marijuana slang names for this drug. Many cannabis strains now have their own “brand” names, such as Kush, Maui Wowie, Box, and Jive. In addition, you’ll find names for edibles (e.g., “brownies”).

Are you in need of addiction treatment? At Zinnia Health, we offer many different treatment programs tailored to your needs and interests. To learn more about the treatment process, contact us online or give us a call on our 24-hour hotline at (855) 430-9439.

Are There Nicknames for Drug-laced Marijuana? 

Today, you’ll find that many drugs are mixed with various substances to enhance their effects, which can be very dangerous. For instance, it’s common for prescription drug lookalikes like opioids to be laced with fentanyl. The same holds true for marijuana. 

Some of the drugs marijuana is laced with include

  • Marijuana and cocaine: Banano, Basuco, Bush, Chase, Cocktail, Cocoa Puff, Hooter, Jim Jones, Lace
  • Marijuana and crack: Buda, Butter, Crack Back, Fry Daddy, Geek, Juice Joint
  • Marijuana and heroin: Atom Bomb, A-Bomb, Woola, Woolie, Woo-Woo, Brown
  • Marijuana and LSD: Beast, LBJ
  • Marijuana and narcotics: Amp Joint, Dust, Dusting
  • Marijuana and PCP: Ace, Bohd, Chips, Frios, Zoom
  • Marijuana and tobacco: Spiff

What Are the Slang Terms for Using Marijuana? 

While there are numerous slang words and nicknames for marijuana and drug-laced marijuana, even more unique words exist to describe someone using marijuana. Slang terms number well into the thousands. Marijuana slang terms can be grouped into categories based on its quality, how it looks, its effect on the body, and other factors.

  • Airhead 
  • Blazing
  • Blowing
  • Blow one’s roof
  • Blowing smoke
  • Blow a stick
  • Boot the gong
  • Bite one’s lips
  • Bogart
  • Burn one
  • Burning one down
  • Cheeching
  • Fire it up
  • Fly Mexican Airlines
  • Get a gage up
  • Get the wind
  • Getting the wind
  • Going loco
  • Hit the hay
  • Mow the grass
  • Poking
  • Stoner
  • Tea party
  • Toke
  • Torch up
  • Toking

Marijuana use is still controversial, which is why it remains illegal based on federal laws. While its medicinal use has proven effective for certain conditions, marijuana misuse or abuse can lead to marijuana addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 30% of users have some degree of marijuana use disorder (MUD).

Get Help for Marijuana Addiction

Legal controversies surrounding marijuana continue from the state to the federal level. As many states move to make it legal for medical purposes and some for recreational purposes, marijuana continues to be a popular drug of choice. Whether you misuse or abuse medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, it’s essential to seek help right away.

In particular, young people haven’t fully developed, and drug abuse can lead to harmful consequences. One way to find out if your young one might be using marijuana is to familiarize yourself with the street names, nicknames, slang terms, and emojis commonly used today.  

Are you in need of assistance to get on the road to recovery? You can find a substance abuse rehab center near you that offers just the level of care you need. Speak to one of our Zinnia Health addiction specialists right now. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us at (855) 430-9439..

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