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Inhalants Detox: How to Detox Safely

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How to Detox From Inhalants Safely

In the U.S., almost 22 million people 12 and older have used inhalants at least once, including about 13 percent of 8th-graders. Inhalant abuse is hazardous for adolescents and adults — even a one-time use can cause death from cardiac arrest or suffocation.

Regular use can seriously damage the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. Although inhalant addiction is rare, it can happen if use is long-term.

It’s crucial to stop using inhalants, but can be difficult at home due to withdrawal symptoms. You can find a rehab center with inhalant detox and treatment programs near you to safely recover.

Zinnia Health offers treatment facilities for drug addiction in various areas. Learn more about our substance abuse services and locations on our website.  

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What is an Inhalants Detox?

Medical detoxification (detox) is “a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal.”

The medical detoxification process is one used to help treat people with substance abuse disorders and drug addiction.

This is done at inhalant addiction treatment centers that can be found near you.

Symptoms of inhalant withdrawal are typically lower than others, but they can still be difficult to cope with. Inhalants detox programs will provide medical monitoring and medications as needed to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

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How Long Does an Inhalants Detox Last?

Inhalant withdrawal symptoms typically start within 24-48 hours after last use and can linger for about one week.

While going through detox for some drugs can be life-threatening (e.g., alcohol addiction), inhalants are less severe.

While the physical symptoms may be less intense, psychological symptoms included in post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) can linger for months, and even years.

What Are the Withdrawal Symptoms During an Inhalants Detox?

The problem with quitting inhalants is that you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Your body must learn how to function without the substance.

The most common withdrawal symptoms and side effects from inhalants include:

  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
  • Sleeping problems
  • Sweating
  • Tremors

The difficulty you or a loved one will go through when quitting any drug depends on the type of substance, how frequently it’s been used and for how long.

What Types of Treatment Are Used During an Inhalants Detox?

Some treatments are available if you or a loved one has an addiction to inhalants.

While more research is needed to find effective treatments, behavioral therapy is often used to help people recover from inhalant addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of approach that focuses on helping patients to cope with situations that cause them to use inhalants.

They learn how to recognize when this happens and use alternative methods to avoid them or better deal with them without drugs.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved medications for inhalant treatment. However, drugs (e.g., benzos) may be prescribed to help as you go through the detox process.

Intensive inpatient treatment is the preferred method. Intensive outpatient treatment may be an option for those with a strong support group of non-user family members.

Can You Detox at Home or Not?

Many people use inhalants to get high because they’re easy to get. You don’t need a prescription because they’re commonly found around the house or in hardware stores. Unfortunately, there’s a risk to using inhalants, whether all the time or just once. In addition, it may be rare to get addicted to inhalants, but the risk increases with long-term use. 

Because inhalants are readily available, and withdrawal symptoms can be painful, it is recommended to detox from inhalants and other drugs at a reputable treatment center.

We understand the struggle people go through when dealing with substance abuse. That’s why we offer a range of treatment plans. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information about how our inhalant detox center can help you. 

How to Find an Inhalants Detox Center Near Me

Substance abuse is a serious matter. Whether your history of the use of inhalants is once, long-term or somewhere in between, you put yourself at risk.

Even though they may not be illegal, inhalants still have the potential to lead to inhalant addiction, damage to vital organs, and even death. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, so seeking professional help at a rehab center or detox facility is crucial.

Inhalants detox is your first step towards a full recovery from addiction.

Zinnia Health has locations throughout the country and is one of the top detox centers.

If you are looking for the nearest location to you, Zinnia Health has a list of local detox facilities and addresses on our website. You can also contact us through our 24/7 hotline.

Are you or a loved one in need of inhalant addiction treatment for this type of substance abuse disorder? At Zinnia Health, our personalized medical detox programs are designed to help people like you. We have an inhalant detox center near you, so call (855) 430-9439 to learn about our treatment services.

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