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Addiction hotlines can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of day, making them a convenient resource for individuals seeking help for drug or alcohol substance abuse in Ohio (OH).

What Are the Addiction Hotlines and Helplines for Ohio?

Below is a list of three free 24/7 helplines for this wanting help in Ohio for a substance abuse disorder.

Organization NameTelephone NumberText Number
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services(614) 466-2596None
Ohio CareLine(800) 720-9616None
Zinnia Health(855) 430-9439None

These telephone numbers listed are free of charge to call for residents from Ohio, the Buckeye State, to call.

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List of Free Ohio Addiction Helplines

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is a state agency that provides treatment and support for individuals with substance use disorders. Through its various programs and initiatives, the department aims to increase access to addiction treatment and recovery services and reduce the negative impact of substance use on individuals and their families.

Ohio CareLine

Ohio CareLine is a free, confidential service offered by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services that provides emotional support and referrals to Ohio residents who may be struggling with substance use disorder.

The CareLine can connect individuals to resources such as treatment facilities, support groups, and crisis intervention services to help manage and overcome addiction.

Zinnia Health

Zinnia Health offers a free 24/7 helpline so you can speak to a qualified support agent who understand the issues with drug and alcohol addiction.

Zinnia Health is a service that offers drug and alcohol rehab centers nationwide. We can help you find the nearest substance abuse treatment program near to you in OH.

Zinnia Health has helped thousands of people across the country recover from drug, alcohol, and mental health disorders.

How Bad is Substance Use Disorder in Ohio?

We shared the following 2020 alcohol-related death stats:

  • 1,599 deaths (up 173.3% from 2000)
  • 13.7 deaths per 100,000 people (up 163.5% from 2000)
  • 2020 state population: 11,693,217 (up 3.0% from 2000)

Ohio consistently leads the nation in terms of drug abuse, especially prescription drug abuse. The CDC ranks the state among the top 5 across the United States regarding the number of residents per 100,000 suffering from various drug or alcohol addictions.

In 2020, Ohio surpassed 2017 as the highest year for unintentional drug overdose deaths, with 5,017 deaths. This was a 3% increase over 2017 and a 25% increase over 2019. Fentanyl was involved in 81% of overdose deaths in 2020, often in combination with other drugs.

In 2019, nearly 503,000 Ohio residents struggled with an alcohol use disorder each year, accounting for nearly 5.1% of the population. Alcohol abuse is still the leading cause of substance use disorders in the state.

According to a survey conducted in 2016-17, Ohio residents had a higher rate of illegal drug use, binge drinking, and tobacco use compared to the national average.

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