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Addiction hotlines can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of day, making them a convenient resource for individuals seeking help for drug or alcohol substance abuse in Indiana (IN).

What Are the Addiction Hotlines and Helplines for Indiana?

Below is a list of three free 24/7 helplines for this wanting help in Indiana for a substance abuse disorder.

Organization NameTelephone Number Text Number
Indiana 211 211None
Be Well Indiana (866) 211-9966None
Zinnia Health (855) 430-9439None

These telephone numbers listed are free of charge to call for residents from Indiana, the Hoosier State, to call.

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List of Free Indiana Addiction Helplines

Indiana 211

Indiana 211 is a free information and referral service that connects Hoosiers with resources such as mental health and substance use resources, shelter, tax assistance, and family resources for addiction.

Be Well Indiana

Be Well Indiana is a program that provides resources and support for mental health and wellbeing in Indiana. It also provides resources for addiction recovery and support for individuals dealing with domestic violence or abuse. Be Well Indiana is a collaborative effort between the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Mental Health America of Indiana, and other mental health organizations in the state.

Zinnia Health

Zinnia Health offers a free 24/7 helpline so you can speak to a qualified support agent who understand the issues with drug and alcohol addiction.

Zinnia Health is a service that offers drug and alcohol rehab centers nationwide. We can help you find the nearest substance abuse treatment program near to you in IN.

Zinnia Health has helped thousands of people across the country recover from drug, alcohol, and mental health disorders.

How Bad is Substance Use Disorder in Indiana?

We shared the following 2020 alcohol-related death stats:

  • 1,027 deaths (up 196.0% from 2000)
  • 15.2 deaths per 100,000 people (up 166.7% from 2000)
  • 2020 state population: 6,754,953 (up 11.1% from 2000)

Indiana has been facing a drug overdose epidemic for almost two decades. In 2017, Indiana reached its highest age-adjusted drug overdose rate at 29.4 per 100,000, which was a statistically significant 22% increase from 2016. The state of Indiana is comprised of 92 counties, and the Indiana State Department of Health’s Drug Problem Report shows that the rise in deaths involving non-opioid substances, such as cocaine, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines, is contributing to the increase in drug overdose deaths.

From 2016-2017, Indiana had the third-highest drug overdose rate increase in the nation behind only New Jersey (29%) and Nebraska (26%) . In 2017, there were over 1,800 drug overdose deaths in Indiana averaging their burden.

Drug overdoses in Indiana have nearly doubled since 2010, growing from 923 to 1,809 in 2017. Approximately 4,000 Hoosiers have died from opioids in the last decade. Indiana’s drug-induced mortality rate quadrupled between 2000 and 2014. More Hoosiers now die from drug overdoses than car crashes. Between 2012 and 2016, deaths related to synthetic opioids in Indiana increased over 600 percent. Nearly one in 12 Hoosiers, almost a half million people, meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder.

The Indiana Drug Overdose Dashboard presents information on drug overdose injuries, opioid prescriptions, and prevention efforts in Indiana. Access to data from a variety of sources is key to supporting both state and local overdose response and prevention activities. The dashboard provides data related to overdoses at the county and state level.

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center also provides county epidemiological data on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use by children and adolescents in the state of Indiana.

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