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5 Friends You Need in Recovery

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5 Friends You Need In Recovery

You often hear that recovery is a road you have to walk alone, but that’s not strictly true. Yes, you and only you can put in the work to get you to your recovery goals, but the company you keep along the way is important. We’ve already talked about toxic people and knowing how to build a proper support system; being able to recognize the gems in your life who you need to keep close and cherish is important.

Beyond supporting your recovery efforts, there are other key qualities you should look for in the people you surround yourself with.

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Here are 5 friends you need in recovery.

The Reality Check

Sometimes we all need that friend who will grab us by the shoulders, look us straight in the eye and call us out on our foolishness. These friends help keep us grounded and focused on being the best versions of ourselves we can be.

When it comes to recovery, having this friend around means you can rely on them to call out potential relapse warning signs. This friend doesn’t speak in judgement, but rather offers their observances to help you remain true to your recovery path.

The Champion/Cheerleader

Second guessing yourself and self-doubt can sabotage your recovery- that’s why you need your own personal recovery champion in your corner!

Now, being a recovery champion can have double meanings: a guide who has walked this path before you, or someone who walks beside you to keep you going.

The Shoulder To Lean On

Moments of vulnerability are bound to happen; having a friend you can depend on in those moments to help keep your head above water can be the difference between continued sobriety and relapse. Don’t allow pride or ego be your downfall.

Fear of being annoying or overbearing shouldn’t supersede your dedication to doing what you must to remain sober. This friend wants to be there for you and will gladly help you carry your burdens when your strength wavers.

The Goal Keeper

Recovery is all about keeping your eyes up and forward- this friend is here to help you maintain that focus. Sometimes they come across as a mother hen, but their intentions are good and will benefit your long-term recovery.

They’re your second wind when you’re ready to call it quits; they help you find alternative routes when you hit inevitable roadblocks. Surround yourself with people who push you to continuously work toward your goal; you’ll be surprised how far this can carry you.

The All-In-One

This is the friend we all need- recovery or not. Rare and boundlessly valuable, this friend has true and genuine investment in you and your future. This friend keeps you focused, cheers you on, and cries right along with you in the hard times.

You never have to worry or wonder if you are alone, because they are there every step of the way. If you have one of these people in your life, hold on to them and let them know they are appreciated.

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