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The Secrets of Crystals for Addiction: Alternative Holistic Recovery

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Crystal Healing 101 For Recovering Drug & Alcohol Addicts

It’s not a surprise the chronic disorder of addiction must be remedied on all planes of existence, but how can we do that resolutely when we, as a nation, are almost singularly consumed with westernized medicine? Treating the physical depths of addiction is critical to recovery, but what about the rest?

Even if you don’t personally believe in the idea of a soul, addiction certainly strips us of something innate, the glimmer that makes us whole. Just as going to therapy and learning how to peel back the layers of addiction is crucial to a full recovery, rejuvenating your mental, emotional, spiritual planes of existence are just as critical to preventing relapse. But how, and what if you’re not exactly into the religious parts? That’s where crystals for addiction comes in.

Please remember drug and alcohol addiction treatment requires medical treatment from a certified medical professional. Do NOT stop your regular treatment methods or stop going to therapy. Any means of holistic healing is meant to work in conjunction with any treatment you may be currently undergoing.

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You don’t have to be driven by religion to experience spiritual wellness — and alternative healing doesn’t always have to have a religious bent to it — so don’t let that deter you. Just like addiction and recovery treatment, alternative medicine is deeply personal, and varies from person to person. But what the heck is alternative medicine, and why should you care about it as a recovering addict? Alternative medicine is anything that seeks to remedy a physical or emotional problem outside of standard medical practice.

So where does that leave us? Everywhere else!

Popular alternative healing practices include yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and chromotherapy among others. We’ll explore how crystal healing in conjunction with drug and alcohol addiction treatment helps recovering drug and alcohol users regain their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Below you’ll find lists of crystals for marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and heroin addictions. One of the secrets of overcoming addiction is to occupy yourself with something else. Those who stay busy, engaged, and are employed shortly after completing rehabilitation tend to avoid relapse better, as opposed to their peers.

How Can Crystals and Minerals Help Me, What Do I Have to Do?

Many people who engage in crystal healing simply hold their stones and meditate, or place the crystals around their homes and work spaces. Think of your crystals as an extension of therapy, they should make you feel relieved and full of healthy emotions.

Start by cleansing your crystal under running water and actively thinking about your goal of sobriety. In a sense, crystal therapy is similar to meditation, in that your intent and relaxation are critical to achieve results. Healing crystals are intended to help point you in the direction of recovery.

Crystals for Addiction Can Help Manage Drug and Alcohol Use Disorders

I know I know, you think we’re crazy. How are crystals for addiction supposed to help addicts overcome addiction? Is there any science behind it? Well, yes and no. Everything has an energy, and certain crystals and gemstones are touted to have certain metaphysical properties which communicate with energy in such a way certain attributes are supposed to be augmented. This is the foundation of vibrational medicine, which continues to gain traction in 2023.

If there’s a problem, there’s a gemstone for that! Supposedly. Because there are innumerable minerals and crystals abundant on our planet, there is said to be a stone for relationships, communication, career success, strength, and in our case, crystals for addiction.

Following the theory of crystal therapy, each mineral’s electromagnetic field communicates with our own to help bring out our highest potential. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the theory in a nutshell! If you need a more tangible example, think of crystals for addiction similar to the spiritual and emotional anchor a rosary serves as.

Many people who participate in crystal therapy immerse themselves in the healing arts of Reiki in combination with yoga. Crystal healers meditate with crystals atop certain areas of the body for cleansing and spiritual balance. The same practice applies to specific points on the body with crystals for addiction.

Crystals help clear the mind of negativity, pointing you in the right direction when it comes to helping stabilize your emotions and connecting you to your truth. Below is a list of crystals for addiction most associated with addiction and recovery:

Crystal Healing for Marijuana Addiction

Carnelian: A form of quartz, carnelian is said to make its users feel energized. Carnelian helps users feel at ease while holding the crystal in the right hand, along with Azurite in the left. You can easily identify carnelian by its bright orange color. This is a stone of protection, and reminds us to enjoy the verve of life!

Azurite: The Egyptians regarded azurite as a stone of mystery, while the Native Americans used the treasure to connect with their spirit guardians, according to the Crystal Vault.

Modern day crystal workers, like the famed Judy Hall, regard the stone as a means of awakening the intellect, and opening the mind to new perspectives — a quality some pot users have claimed the substance to achieve, no? Azurite is thought to relieve a troubled mind by holding the stone.

Crystal Healing for Alcohol Addiction

Amethyst: Amethyst in Greek actually translates into “not drunk.” As such amethyst is touted among crystal healers as the ultimate go-to for addiction to any substance, really. But the purple wonder is a favorite among recovering alcoholics too. In crystal healing amethyst helps bring its users closer to their own spirituality, bestow wisdom, and wash away negativity with divine wisdom. Meditating with this stone is alleged to cleanse and recharge the body, mind, and spirit.

Celestite: Among one of my favorite stones is celestite, because it’s gorgeous- but beyond that the crystal emanates a soothing aura that helps me to relax and let go of stress. If you remember, addiction is caused by underlying trauma, and an inability to deal with stress, using stones as an alternative directly confronts one of the main components of addiction, much like meditation.

According to Healing Crystals, celestite is revered for its healing power, and teaches us how to bring mental calm and clarity amid chaos and disorder of the mind and body. The blue-bodied stone serves to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and promotes communication (another travail of addiction).

Crystal Healing for Cocaine Addiction

Selenite: Alleged by Meanings to promote honesty and mental calm, selenite derives its name from the moon and teaches users how to dispel negativity inward and outward by relying on intuition. The crystal helps users maintain happy relationships with loved ones and friends, bringing harmony and light in times of darkness. Crystal healers use selenite to remove negative energy from the body and environments.

Aventurine: Known by many as a fairy stone, aventurine is supposed to bring benevolent energy into your life, promoting luck and merriment. Crystal users use the stone in addiction healing to invite new opportunities for success into manifestation. More importantly, aventurine helps people break habits, and establishes healthy perseverance.

Crystal Healing for Heroin Addiction

Lepidolite: According to Meanings, lepidolite is the bringer of hope in dark times and promotes trust, serenity, and acceptance. As a stone of transformation, the crystal encourages self-love, patience, and optimism (all traits of a successful recovery). The crystal is said to help stabilize emotions, especially for those with PTSD and manic depression.

Rose Quartz: Among crystal healers, rose quartz is the universal stone of love, and helps people overcome trauma by teaching them how to open their hearts and communicate with those around them. The pink crystal is an expert in emotional healing, and is said to help soothe a troubled mind, bringing about calm. Crystal Vaults cites rose quartz as a stone of creativity, encouraging recovering addicts to rediscover their love of the arts, music, and writing.

Where to Get Your Crystals for Addiction Healing

If you’re at a loss where you can find these stones, most metaphysical stores and boutiques have a large collection of tumbled stones. They look like pebbles, and you can easily carry them around with you in decorative pouches. You may also find tumbled stones online on popular shopping websites.

Please remember drug and alcohol addiction treatment requires medical treatment from a certified medical professional. Do NOT stop your regular treatment methods or stop going to therapy. Any means of holistic healing is meant to work in conjunction with any treatment you may be currently undergoing.

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