Dr. David Hu, MD

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Dr. David Hu, MD

Vice President and Medical Director, Psychiatry

Dr. David Hu, MD, is the Vice President, Medical Director, and Head of Psychiatry at Zinnia. Dr. Hu has 21 years of experience as a psychiatrist treating mental and behavioral health in a wide variety of settings.

Dr. Hu began his psychiatry career in Florida at Jackson Memorial Hospital as its Chief Psychiatry Resident. Since then, he has served as medical director, principal, staff psychiatrist, and psychiatric consultant at leading healthcare services companies such as Savannas Hospital, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, Oakwood Center of the Palm Beaches, Wellington Retreat, Wellington Counseling Associates, Success TMS, Voyage Recovery Center, and Inspire Recovery.

Dr. Hu holds licenses and certifications from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and the American Board of Preventative Medicine.

Dr. Hu received a BA in Psychology from New York University and an MD from New York University School of Medicine.